June 14, 2024


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How to Text a Woman You Just Met – And Make Her Like You Quickly

Flirting through text happens to be a skill that needs to be mastered. A lot of the time, you may find yourself in situations where a girl will give you her mobile phone number and you will want to win her over through text messages.

Without this skill, it might be quite hard for you to survive in today’s advanced technological world. Because of this, you should remember several tips if you want to successfully seduce your girl of choice through text messages. Read on…

How To Text A Woman You Just Met – And Make Her Like You Quickly

Tip #1: Make absolutely sure that the first text message you ever send her will produce an incredible first impression in her head. Although there is always that slight possibility of her simply deleting your text message from her mobile phone after she receives and reads it, you could still be lucky enough to get her to think about your text message all day.

Therefore, the very first thing you need to learn is how to make your text message stay in her mind for a long time. First impressions always last and so do the ones through text. Remember that.

Tip #2: Flirt properly through text. You need to master how to flirt through text messages if you really want to sweep a girl off her feet. The very first step in doing so would be to send several short text messages that clearly show the girl what your overall intentions are.

If possible, it would be best to give her a pet name that will make her feel like you are already in a relationship. Try to mention a behavioral trait or special feature of hers that really stood out about her when you met and incorporate it into the pet name to make it all the more special, as well.

Tip #3: Hand her what you have to offer on a plate. After you have exchanged several text messages with one another and after flirting and talking with one another to your heart’s content, the next thing to do would be to finally ask her out. Make sure to be very informal about it, though, so as not to scare her off. Also, try to send it in a text message that she simply will not be able to refuse.

All the tips above will definitely help you succeed at winning a girl’s heart over through text messages. Just by using the proper psychology and going through a steady and slow technique of texting, you can actually elicit nothing but positive responses from your girl. Also, keep in mind to try and get emotional reactions out of her since girls happen to be driven by feelings more than by logic.